A, B,C,D and E Were Five Executives of a Company X. Each Belonged To Five Different States Puzzle

Puzzle Number 15

  1. A, B,C,D and E Were Five Executives of a Company X. Each Belonged To Five Different States and Each one Was an International Player but was associated with Different Games.

2. They once Gathered at Delhi Railway Station with a Purpose To Travel to Five Different Places.

3. Before Departure they Decided to take Hot Beverages. One Person, who was associated with Basketball preferred tea to Coffee while Other Proffered coffee to tea. The Four persons Who took Coffee were – A, the person Belonging to Punjab, the One who had to travel to Bangalore, and the one who was associated with tennis.

4. D did not take tea and he had to travel to Mumbai. D was found busy in conversation with his friend whose home state was Punjab and was one of the Executives.

5. B had to travel to Bhopal. He did not Take tea. E Was not associated with Cricket, Volleyball or Football. But the person who had to travel to Kolkata was associated with Cricket and the Person whose home state was Kerala was associated with Football.

6. D did not belong to Bihar. The Executive whose home state was MP, had to travel to a city which was not Chennai. One of the Executive Belonged to AP. The name of the Games, cities and states Used above are Not Irrelevant.

 Questions From The Puzzle Number 15

1)Which of the Following Clues is not necessary to answer the question given below?

Among The Given Persons A, B,C,D and E, whose Home state is AP?

  1. B Had to Travel to Bhopal
  2. D Does not Belong To Bihar
  3. E was Not Associated with Cricket, Volleyball or Football

A)Only 1

B) Only 2

C) Only 3

D) Any one of The Three


2)The Person Whose Home state is Bihar, is ?

A) C

B) D

C) A

D) Can’t Say


3) B is associated with?

A) Cricket

B) Football

C) Volleyball

D) Can’t Say


4) The Person who had to Go to Bhopal is associated with?



C) Punjab

D) Can’t Say


5) Which of the Following Combination Not Correctly Matched?

A) A-Bihar-Kolkat-Cricket-Coffee

B) B-Pujab-Bhopal-Volleyball-Coffee

C) C-Kerala-Bangalore-Football-Coffee

D) E-AP-Chennai-Basketball-Coffee

Answers Of Puzzle Number 15

  1. Answer – Any one of The Three
  2. Answer- A
  3. Answer- Volleyball
  4. Answer – Punjab
  5. Answer – E Takes Tea

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