A Man Has Six Sons A,B,C,D,E and F, Who stays in Four Metros ~Bank Puzzle With Answer

Puzzle Number 20

  1. A Man Has Six Sons A,B,C,D,E and F, Who stays in Four Metros.
  2. They are cricketer ,Salesman, Diplomat, Pilot, Accountant and Driver.
  3. Three of the Children Are Married.
  4. D, who stays in Mumbai, is a Diplomat.
  5. Those Staying In Calcutta are the Pilot And Accountant.
  6. One of The Two Mumbaitiies Is Married While two of the Bachelors Live in Calcutta and Delhi.
  7. The Salesman Lives In Chennai.
  8. E, The Accountant is Married.
  9. F Lives in Mumbai and A In Delhi.
  10. B Is A Pilot and Pilots Don’t Marry.

Questions From The Above Puzzle

1) Who Among The Following is A Salesman?

A) C

B) D

C) E

D) Can’t be Determined


2) If The Cricketer is Bachelor, Who is the Driver ?

A) A

B) E

C) F

D) Can’t be Determined


3) Who Among the Following is Definitely not Married?

A) D

B) E

C) B

D) C


4)Where Does C Live?

A) Delhi

B) Mumbai

C) Calcutta

D) Chennai

Answer from The Puzzle Number 20

Sons NameProfessionMarital StatusPlace
ACricketer/ DriverBachelorDelhi
FCricketer/ DriverM/BMumbai

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