A Newspaper Sought the Help of a Psychology to Solve Psychology Problems ~Bank Puzzle

Puzzle Number 19

A Newspaper Sought the Help of a Psychology to Solve Psychology Problems of the readers. Among the readers, Jaykishan, Gopal Das, Jamuna Das, Nawal Kishore and Balchandra are the Five persons whop were Victims of different Types of Problem and were residing in Different towns. Each one is not afflicted with the problem for the same number of years. One of them was afflicted  with the problem for three years and another for seven years. Study the following additional Clues.

  1. Jaykishan Resides in faridabad. He has been Afflicted with a psychological Problem (which is more old than the problem of the person who is afflicted with agoraphobia) for the last five years.
  2. Nawal Kishore has been afflicted with airophobia for several years but not for ten Years. But he does not reside in Modinagar.
  3. The person who resides in Rampur is afflicted with Acrophobia. But it is not Jamuna das.
  4. Gopal das has been facing the problem for several years but not more years than the person who resides in Delhi.
  5. One of the persons among them has been afflicted with monophobia for the last eight years.
  6. One of the persons among them resides in Meruth. One person is afflicted with nyctophobia.
  7. One of the Persons among them was Balchandra.

Questions From The Puzzle Number 19

1)Who Resides in Rampur?

A) Can’t say

B) Balchandra

C) Gopal Das

D) Jamuna Das


2) One who is afflicted with acrophobia has been suffering from it for How many years ?

A) Ten

B) Eight

C) Seven

D) Six


3) One who is Afflicted with nyctophobia resides in Which town?

A) Can’t say


C) Rampur

D) Modinagar


4) Which of the following statements is/are true?

  1. Gopal Das is the person residing in Modinagar.
  2. Jamuna Das has been suffering from monophobia for the last eight years.

A) Only 1

B) Only 2

C) Either 1 or 2

D) Both 1 and 2


5) Which of the following clue is not necessary to answer the last four questions?

A) Clue 3

B) Clue 4

C) Clue 6

D) Clue 7

Answer of the Puzzle Number 19

Answer 1 Balchandra

Answer 2 Ten

Answer 3 Faridabad

Answer 4 Only 2

Answer 5 Clue 7

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