A Train Started From Patna Railway Junction (Jn) For Bhagalpur Junction ~Bank Puzzle With Answer

Puzzle Number 14

A Train Started From Patna Railway Junction (Jn) For Bhagalpur Junction. Twelve Person Boarded From The Train . There are five Stations Between Patna Jn And Bhagalpur Jn. These Stations Are #1,#2,#3,#4 and #5 are in the Same order. Station #1 is the Nearest to Patna. M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U and V are the Persons who boarded the train from the Above mentioned five stations. On each station Only Two persons boarded the train. Each person Used the train Once. No body Alighted on the Stations #1 and #2. Two persons alighted from the train on Stations #3, #4 and #5 each. Persons boarding at stations #1 or #2, alighted on Consecutive stations. R and S boarded at station #2, the second station after Patna. K boarded the trainĀ  with L while O Boarded the train with Q. U Boarded at station #4. V Did not board the train With M,N Or U. T boarded on the same station where K Alighted. O and R alighted at station #3 and #4 respectively. K Alighted before S. M did not board Where Q alighted. When The Train Reached Bhagalpur L,N,P,T,U and V got down from the train.

Questions From Puzzle Number 14

1)Who Boarded the train at Station #3?

A) T and M

B) U and M

C) U and N

D) T and N


2)Who Boarded the Train at Station #4 ?

A) U and N

B) U and M

C) U and Either M or N

D) P and Either V or T


3) Who Left The Train at Station #5?

A) Can’t Say

B) S and M

C) R and Q

D) O and K


4)K alighted at Which Station?

A) Can’t Say

B) #3

C) #4

D) Either #3 or 4


Answer Of Puzzle Number 14

Patna JnK, Lx x
#1O, Qx x
#2R, Sx x
#3T, MO, K
#4U, NR, Q
#5P, VS, M
Bhagalpur Jnx xL,N,P,T,U and V

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